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Beaded Slave Bracelet

Beaded slave bracelets are made with 6mm round glass beads in any color combination. Bracelets are made with stainless steel.
added to the bracelet design of your choice

Cat's Eye Heart

A simple section of oriental 6in1 with 1/8" and 5/16" stainless steel accented with two cats eye teardrops, a single heart, and finished with 2mm leather cord.

Cat's Eye Drop Pendant

A 10 inch section of 3/16" doubled spiral hung with a cat's eye teardrop bead approx. 1" long and finished with 2mm leather cord. Colors pictured are the only colors available

Window to the Soul

Eyes are the windows to the soul. These eyes are made of 11mm glass marbles wrapped in 1/8" stainless steel. Available in a wide variety of colors.
Black and Blacklight reactive marbles also available.

Half Persian Dags

A beautiful stainless steel 3/16" dagged half persian design, accented with 8mm druk glass beads

Oriental Simplicity

A very simple oriental 6in1 stainless steel choker in 5/16" and 1/8", accented in 8mm druk glass round beads and 16mm druk glass teardrops.

Amberlite Heart

This lovely piece is comprised of 20g, 1/8 stainles steel in a byzantine pattern, interspersed with 8mm czech glass amber beads. The centerpiece is a small, puffed, amberlite heart.
Limited Availability!
Pewter Skull Necklace

A 20g 1/8 stainless steel Byzantine necklace interspersed with five 13mm pewter skulls.
7 inch Bracelet: $25
16 inches: $45
18 inches: $55
Extra length and skulls added upon request. Price may vary.
Just a touch of color

A 20g, 1/8 Byzantine chain with sections seperated by 6mm czech glass beads in the color of your choice
16 inches: $40
18 inches: $50
Sold as a set with matching bracelet and earrings:
Extra length added upon request. Price may vary.

Beaded Double Spiral

An elegant, yet simple necklace. Sections of doubled spiral in 20g, 5/32 stainless steel, divided by 8mm czech glass beads.
16 inches: $40
18 inches: $50

Beaded Byzantine Bracelets

5/32" stainless steel bracelets in a byzantine pattern, spaced with 8mm druk glass beads

Oriental Skulls

Five of the pewter skulls on a simple oriental chain of 5/16" and 1/8" stainless steel
16 inch choker - $30