Below you will find an assortment of accessories for your dancing costumes. As with the rest of the site, this page is updated as frequently as possible, so please check back for updates. Twisted Links must regrettably admit, however, that their coin supplier has recently gone out of business, and so while they are on the lookout for a new one, the coined anklets and bracelets will be available on a limited basis. If anyone can provide Twisted Links with a good, solid lead to quality coins, they would be looking at a significant discount.

All accessories pictured (with the exception of the coins) are also available in brass and/or copper.


A heavy, attractive bracelet made of 5/32 stainless steel rings in the design of your choice, and hung with silvertone coins. Price will flex according to bracelet weave desired.

A 20g 1/8 stainless steel bracelet in the Byzantine weave,
hung with a quantity of 6mm silver tone bells that jingle quietly.


Supple and heavy, this sturdy stainless steel chain in the design of your choice will hold up to your dancing without a problem, and the coins will add their own attractive, soft music. Price will flex according to weave desired.

Suitable for light dance, relaxation, or dressing up, this more delicate version of our belled anklet will produce musical accompaniment to your every step. Made of 20g, 5/32 Stainless Steel rings in a Half Persian 3in1 design. This ring size is not recommended for strenuous dancing or exercise. 8mm Beads are available in a wide variety of colors. Bells are 6mm

The sturdier version of the belled anklet is made with 19g 5/32 stainless steel hung with 10mm silver tone bells, and accented with 8mm beads in the color of your choice.