Bikini Tops

All ring measurements are to the inch, and are measured by the Inside Diameter of the ring

Trim is available for an added $10 for Bronze, Copper, and Brass. Anodized aluminum trim will vary in price.
1/2 of Bikini Cost is due up front and is non refundable.
Matching bottoms are available in either g-string or loincloth. Prices will vary, please contact for details.

Measurements needed for a bikini.
All measurements need to be provided in inches.

Brite Aluminum (5356)
18g 3/16 16g 1/4 14g 3/8
A Cup $90 $60 $40
B Cup $110 $80 $60
C Cup $130 $100 $80
D Cup $150 $120 $100

Please Note: Bikinis are not for sale to women under the age of 18. If you are underage and your parents catch you with skimpy metal lingerie, just remember:

Bikinis are non returnable and non refundable.