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One of the most popular and visually pleasing jewelry weaves.

Full Persian
A nice solid, round chain

Half Persian 4in1
A flat, solid weave

A dense weave with six sides

Flower Chain
A chain made of connected "mobius" balls

European 4in1
The founding base for 90% of chainmaille weaves

Dense, flat, and poisonous to weave!

Box Chain
A square rope chain

Half Persian 3in1
Flat, simple, and elegant

Doubled Spiral
A nice and tight spiral rope chain

Named for the Great Southern Gathering, where it was created


A loose and simple twist

Japanese 6in1
Exotic and beautiful, just like the country it originated from

Two ring sizes reproduce the scales of a dragon

Forars Kade

More commonly known as "spring chain"

An intricate Byzantine variant

Barrel chain
Heavy, round, and clunky

Jens Pind Linkage (JPL)
A tight spiral chain woven backwards

Below is a picture scale of the ring sizes we use.